Hungry Belly Eats at Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts

26 Jul

My sweet tooth sings “Laaaaaaaaa!”

Yesterday, my family and I went to unwind at Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts, located at Lilac Street Marikina City. We were captivated by the udderly cute cow logo haha. I am a fan of milkshakes or anything that’s cold and refreshing to drink, especially when it is mixed with chocolate kisses or fruits. One of the things that enticed me to try Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts is their “make-your-own-milkshake”. First, you need to choose your base – soft serve ice cream, yogurt or premium ice cream and then choose your toppings! Nostalgia hit me and that scheme reminded me of Cerealicious.

EntranceThis is the entrance to milkshake heaven – udderly pink and cute, with its cow print wall. Hihi

WallWe conveniently sat on a black couch with pink and black throw pillows, this is the view above me. Too lazy to stand up and take a picture of the whole sofa and wall thing.😛

CounterThis is the magic counter where you choose your milkshake recipe.

Milkshake, Ice Cream

Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and DessertsThey also serve chicken wings, basket of mojos, fries, and omelettes! That sounds like heaven to me! 

Menu 2OK. OK. They also serve PANCAKES and WAFFLES. The moment I saw them, I couldn’t breathe and honestly almost fainted. *Kidding!

Breakfast MagazineWhile waiting for our orders, there are Breakfast Magazines conveniently placed under the table to lessen your impatience meter. *winks Who wouldn’t want to read about food?

Milkshakes, Ice CreamAaaaand our order is here! Upper Left: Mine. That’s Vanilla Premium Ice Cream and Red Velvet, Upper Right: My brother’s. Dark Chocolate Yogurt with Chocolate kisses toppings, Lower Left: Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream and Cupcake, the one beside it is White Chocolate Soft Serve. Lower Right: Coffee Premium Ice Cream and Espresso

Mojos, PotatoesAlongside our milkshakes, we couldn’t resist ordering finger foods! This is their Basket of cheese-flavored Mojos! Everybody loves potatoes! I mean Mojos.😛

French Fries, CheeseBecause our love for potatoes is eternal, we also ordered a basket of fries. And yes, it’s sour cream and onion.

OrdersLast look at our milkshakes. They are reaaaaally good. Creamy and not sickly-sweet.

Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and DessertsThere are also seats outside for smokers and for those who are allergic of pink.😉

So what can I really say about Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts? They have a nice & clean place, cute interior design. The price is wallet friendly, ranges from PHP 85.00 to PHP 105.00. Only one thing that made me laugh is that when my brother asked for tissue, the staff only gave him one sheet of tissue paper and I’m not even exaggerating, only one sheet. My mom was insulted when we demanded for another tissue paper and the staff gave us an inch thick worth of tissue papers. Staff were pretty rude, I must say. Oh and I’m just wondering about the cups they’re using – it’s plastic. And I thought plastic is already prohibited in Marikina City.

Overall rating would be 7/10. Before I forget, you can also add liquor to your milkshake😉 Booze and milkshake together!
Visit them at 60-D Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights Subd. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City and be udderly stunned. They are open Mon – Fri 11AM to 11PM, Sat & Sun 11AM to 12MN.

Click here for their Facebook page.

– C

3 Responses to “Hungry Belly Eats at Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts”

  1. astroboyisagirl August 8, 2015 at 7:20 pm #

    Hello! I believe some parts of this post have been plagiarized:

    He has plagiarized other bloggers as well. Just a heads up!

    • crisdiazii August 13, 2015 at 8:17 am #

      OMG. Thank you so much for giving me a heads up about this. This is just so sad. I dunno why people do this. I’ll try to report his post.

      Thanks again!:)

      • astroboyisagirl August 13, 2015 at 8:24 am #

        You’re welcome! I have been contacting other bloggers as well. Even Spot & Booky! Grabe lang that guy. Such a scumbag.

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